The Martial Arts Kid

Character: Rina

Directed by: Michael Baumgarten

Written by: Michael Baumgarten

Produced by: James E. Wilson, Cheryl Wheeler-Duncan

Cast Members: Don Wilson, Cynthia Rothrock, Jansen Panettiere

Release date: Septemner 18, 2015

Genre: Action, Family

Duration: 1h 43min

When a troubled teen from Cleveland experiences bullying in Cocoa Beach, he soon learns Martial Arts to gain confidence and self-defense skills.





(be aware of spoilers)

Robbie Oakes is a Cleveland high schooler who after losing his mother, finds himself constantly in trouble with the law. When his grandmother has had enough after his latest arrest, Robbie is sent to Cocoa Beach, Florida to live with his aunt Cindy and uncle Glen. The night of his arrival, Robbie sneaks out of the house and goes to a local convenience store. There, he sees a young girl, Rina, sitting in a car. When he talks to her, Rina’s boyfriend Bo harasses and punches Robbie in the face.

The next day at school, Robbie finds himself again harassed and embarrassed by Bo, who pushes him into the girls’ restroom. At lunch, Robbie meets his first friend, Lenny, who sees the black eye and suggests that Robbie should learn self-defense or it will be the longest two months of his life. When Cindy invites him to lunch at her local restaurant, they are confronted by a thug. When Robbie confronts the thug verbally, the thug pulls out a knife. Cindy takes on the thug and uses martial arts to stop him. The police arrive and Robbie, in a state of shock, asks Cindy where she learned martial arts.

The following day, Robbie goes to the Space Coast Dojo, which is run by Glen. Robbie asks Glen to teach him martial arts and at first Glen refuses but then asks why. Robbie tells Glen that he is tired of being the person he has become and wants to do something about it. Glen takes Robbie in as a student and Robbie begins to change slowly. When Glen takes Robbie to a local bike shop to buy one for Robbie, Glen takes on a bully harassing the bike shop owner, who turns out to be Rina’s father.

On his first bike ride, Robbie finds another local school, Dojo Extreme. There, he meets Coach Laurent Kaine, who unlike Glen believes that martial arts are for winning and destroying opponents. Robbie also learns that Bo is a student of Kaine’s and leaves. Robbie continues his training with Glen and Cindy and begins to slowly change his ways. He becomes more friendly and begins to respect Glen and Cindy as if they were his real parents. Robbie even gets a job at the bike shop under the condition that he can attempt to steal Rina away from Bo. When Bo finds Robbie one day, he starts his verbal attack on Robbie but this time, Robbie doesn’t budge. Glen, worried something dangerous happens, goes to Dojo Extreme to talk to Kaine. Kaine and Glen used to be friends, but their opposing views of martial arts have them rivals. When Kaine learns that Bo was the one who has been bullying Robbie, he tells Glen there’s not much he can do because Bo’s father has a lot of pull in town.

At a Halloween party, Robbie finally admits his feelings for Rina, who has been stood up by Bo so he can go off with his friends. The next day at the Space Coast Dojo, Rina finally reciprocates her feelings towards Robbie and the two become a couple, much to the chagrin of Bo. Meanwhile, Lenny is harassed by a trio of goons at the beach only to be rescued by Cindy. Cindy takes Lenny to the dojo and asks Robbie to teach him martial arts. When Robbie tells Lenny that martial arts is about protecting himself and others, Lenny agrees. Meanwhile, at Dojo Extreme, Kaine’s obsession with his style forces his girlfriend Nika, to get upset and attempts to use a newcomer at the gym, Derek, to face Kaine. When Kaine uses his “assess, assert, and dismember” method, he breaks Derek’s leg and apologizes to Nika.

When Rina calls Robbie and tells him that Bo has found her and has hurt her, Robbie flies into a rampage. He finds a bunch of Bo’s friends to demand where he is and when they try to fight him, Robbie gets the upper hand. At a local pizza parlor, someone makes a viral video of Robbie fighting more of the Dojo Extreme team and it is uploaded for everyone to see. Robbie heads to Dojo Extreme and finds himself outnumbered by Kaine, Bo, and the rest of the dojo. However, Dojo Extreme learns that Robbie didn’t come alone. Glen, Cindy, Lenny, and members of the Space Coast Dojo arrive. Robbie and Bo fight inside of a cage while the two schools go at it. When one of Dojo Extreme’s members pulls out a gun, Cindy stops him in time and declares the rumble over. Glen follows Kaine to a baseball cage, where the two begin to fight. Meanwhile, Robbie finally defeats Bo using a grappling move. He celebrates his victory with a backflip and a loud ‘kiai’. Meanwhile, Glen and Kaine fight in the cage with baseballs flying at them and then with baseball bats. Glen finally knocks Laurent down and tells him it is over. Kaine soon realizes that everyone does have something to learn.

Two weeks later, Glen, Cindy, Katie (Glen and Cindy’s daughter), Robbie, Rina, and Lenny are at the beach when they are being watched. The man watching them from afar is Frank Whitlaw, Bo’s father, who vows to get even with the Space Coast Dojo.


Script developed by Never Enough Design